$HOGS — The In-Game Currency Ruling the Hoglympics Metaverse

IMPORTANT: Please do not attempt to buy anything marketed as HOGS or Hoglympics unless you can verify that the source is derived directly from our official website, www.hoglympics.com.

Some of the use-cases of $HOGS token.

In this article, we will take a closer look at our in-game currency, Hoglympics token ($HOGS), the pinnacle of our P2E metaverse, and how it plays a central role in our gaming ecosystem.

HOGS Token

Players use $HOGS for breeding new Hogs, constructing new Stadiums, and purchasing consumable items in the game’s store relevant to Hog owners, Stadium owners, and viewers. We will also introduce loot boxes that can be opened for random objects, such as tokens, consumables, and even NFTs.

In order to maintain a robust, balanced, and stable ecosystem, the game economy has been thoroughly planned.

$HOGS will be tradable between players on our HOGS Marketplace. Once live, you will also be able to buy, sell, or rent HOG NFTs from the Hoglympics Marketplace. In addition, you can use HOGS tokens to participate in community events, breed new HOGS, play regular matches or tournaments, construct new Stadiums, and purchase consumable items in the game’s store, like Stamina Boosts and Energy Boosters. This enables you to play more matches, potentially win more games and be at the top of your game. Increasing your ranking on the HOGS charts leads to earning more $HOGS and increases the value of your NFT(s).

The $HOGS revenue from the Gamestore and Marketplace is saved in the HOGS Treasury to pay for wins and rewards.

How do I get $HOGS?

For now, you can get HOGS by participating in the Private or Public Sale of Hoglympics. After the Public sale, $HOGS will be tradable on Raydium where you can buy.

There are multiple ways you will be able to accumulate more $HOGS, where the most convenient way is to purchase it right from the DEX or by opening loot boxes. Alternatively, players can be involved in the Hoglympics and earn $HOGS by playing matches (including special events), being a viewer, or hosting games in Stadiums. Playing matches or hosting games requires a (small) initial investment (e.g., NFT assets). In contrast, viewers are costlessly rewarded for actively supporting a given team, although at a lower reward. Nevertheless, $HOGS earning potential is truly defined by your performance in our Ultimate Team game mode, which is connected to our League System. Finally, you can complete missions and achievements personally belonging to your account for bonus earnings.

In the longer term, HOGS will be earned for free by playing the game or as part of community rewards.

Why is the in-game currency ($HOGS) also a tradable token?

There are several reasons why our token is designed in this manner:

1. Giving players a tradable in-game currency as gameplay rewards will encourage player retention and trigger play-to-earn mechanisms. It also allows players to access premium content.

2. HOGS can be given to other community members (developers, content creators, etc.) as an incentive to grow the game and community, which ultimately results in a better game experience for all players

3. HOGS form a critical part of helping build a sustainable play-to-earn economy and protect against bad actors (bots!).

$HOGS should not be viewed as an investment or speculative asset. They may have value in the game or for collectors over time. Still, that value may be limited or non-existent if the Hoglympics game lacks acceptance, use, and adoption, which may have an adverse impact on the use and popularity of HOGS. If, following your own independent advice and due diligence, you do decide to hold HOGS as a form of investment on a speculative basis or otherwise, or for a financial purpose, with the expectation or desire that their inherent, intrinsic or cash-equivalent value may increase with time, you assume all risks associated with such speculation or actions, and any errors associated therewith, and accept that the HOGS are not being created, issued and distributed by Hoglympics or its affiliates for investment or speculation.

What’s Next?

We tried to keep this article as concise as possible. In the future, you can expect a variety of articles covering other aspects of the Hoglympics game and how each bit of content contributes to scaling a flourishing ecosystem of players.

Stay tuned.

Until next time,

Hoglympics Team

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The Hoglympics is a next-gen crypto metaverse project incorporating esports with blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi to produce immersive, P2E Olympic Games.